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State-of-the-art technology and perfectly coordinated manufacturing stages set us apart

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Leading manufacturing processes

KAMAX offers top quality through innovative developments, state-of-the-art technology and consistent quality management. Thanks to the perfect coordination of the steps in our manufacturing and long-standing know-how in special processes, we are one of few companies that is also able to offer this standard of quality in large-scale series production.

1. Cold forming

KAMAX achieves the highest precision, normally only possible through machining, through the far more efficient process of cold forming. This procedure does not lead to any loss of material and is ideal for large-scale series production. As every fastener must comply exactly with the required shape, cold forming requires special know-how. KAMAX is the leader in this technology and guarantees the closest tolerances, e.g. press fit bolts or truck wheel bolts.

2. Heat treatment

Heat treatment has an impact on a key property of our fasteners: strength. It is therefore one of the most crucial stages in manufacturing. State-of-the-art furnaces combined with expertise and many years of experience in the heat treatment of high to highest strength fasteners ensure that our special quality standards are also met in this area at KAMAX .

3. Logistics

We produce more than 10,000 different fasteners, often in large-scale series. This requires perfect logistics within our company and optimum coordination with our customers' organizational concepts. We prove both 365 days a year.

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