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Mexico / León · Full-time · Permanent employment

We are technologically the world's leading manufacturer of high-strength fasteners in the mobility industry. We set standards in the areas of innovation, quality, and profitability. Especially in the automotive sector, our core business since the company‘s foundation in 1935, we develop individual solutions for the special requirements of the future in reliable and long-term partnerships with our customers. In line with our new corporate strategy, we are also increasingly offering added value to new customers in new markets with our expertise in the forming technology. In the most important economic regions of the world, in America, Asia and Europe, we are successful as an independent family business with 3,300 employees at thirteen locations and continue to grow sustainably.

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The candidate for this position will play a critical role in optimizing and enhancing our automotive manufacturing processes to improve efficiency, quality, and overall operational performance. You will collaborate closely with cross-functional teams to identify process improvement opportunities, design innovative solutions, and implement best practices that drive continuous improvement within our production facilities. The candidate should also be able to recommend improvements to maintain or increase the efficiency of production to reduce cost. The candidate should have extensive experience in process design, excellent technical skills, and high-level analytical skills in order to succeed in this role.


• Analyze current manufacturing processes to identify areas for improvement in efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and quality.

• Design, develop, and implement innovative process enhancements to optimize production flows, reduce waste, and increase throughput.

• Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including design, production, quality and supply chain, to ensure seamless integration of process improvements.

• Conduct feasibility studies, process simulations, and cost-benefit analyses for proposed process changes and new technologies.

• Utilize continuous improvement methodologies to drive process optimization initiatives.

• Develop and maintain detailed process documentation, including process flow diagrams, standard operating procedures, and work instructions.

• Monitor and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) to track the effectiveness of process changes and identify areas for further improvement.

• Lead root cause analysis and corrective action efforts for process-related issues, working closely with quality teams to ensure robust solutions.

• Collaborate with equipment vendors and suppliers to select, install, and commission new manufacturing equipment or modifications to existing equipment.

• Provide training and support to production teams to ensure smooth adoption of new processes and technologies.

• Stay up-to-date with the latest automotive industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices in manufacturing and process engineering.

• Participates in decisions regarding the quality of produced parts, avoiding the production of defective pieces or scrap. In cases of poor quality, investigates the reasons and addresses them.

• Leads projects aimed at improving results directly impacting OEE objectives, productivity, quick changeovers, and more.

• Collaborates with tooling and Engineering teams to resolve issues related to tooling or process designs.

• Acts as direct on-floor support for problem-solving. Serves as a connection and communicates with other departments that affect production.

• Performs LPA (Layered Process Audits), 6S Audits and EHS Audits to all work stations

• Performs all tasks related to the role, while adhering to Safety and Accident Prevention regulations.



• Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, or a related field. (Master’s degree is a plus).

• Proven experience of 5 years as a Process Engineer in the automotive or manufacturing industry (Cold Forming, Hot Forging, Heat Treatment processes experience are desirable, but not mandatory).

• Strong knowledge of automotive manufacturing processes, materials, and technologies.

• Proficiency in process improvement methodologies such as Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing or similar.

• Experience with process simulation software and CAD tools (e.g., AutoCAD, SolidWorks).

• Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to conduct data-driven analysis (e.g., 8D’s, A3, Ishikawa, etc.)

• Effective communication and interpersonal skills to collaborate with cross-functional teams.

• Ability to work independently and collaboratively.

• English proficiency of 80% (Ability to speak and write technical English).

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We appreciate your interest in our company and our products and would like you to have peace of mind with regard to the protection of your personal data when visiting our website. Since you wish to contact us, we would like to point out that it is necessary to collect personal data from you, and then process and use this data. To do so, we need your consent. Thus if you would like to contact KAMAX via this website, please read our Privacy Statement first.


We appreciate your interest in our company and our products and would like you to have peace of mind with regard to the protection of your personal data when visiting our website. With this Privacy Statement we – as the party responsible for the data processing (data controller) – would like to inform you of the type, scope, and purpose of the personal data that we collect, use, and process. Moreover we would like to inform you of the rights to which you are entitled. 

All explanations below are made in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (EU-GDPR), the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), and other relevant regulations.

0. Principles  

In accordance with EU-GDPR Article 4(1), "personal data" is defined as any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person; an identifiable person is a natural person who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by assignment to an identifier, such as a name, an identifying number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more specific characteristics that express the physical, physiological, genetic, psychological, economic, cultural or social identity of this natural person

1. Collection of data

You can generally visit our website without providing information concerning your person, and without requiring collection of your personal data.

Nevertheless, certain anonymized data will be processed for each visit to our website. This data is not personal and, consequently, it is not subject to the statutory regulations concerning data protection of personal data.

Only access data without personal reference is logged by the website operator; this access data includes the requesting host address (IP of the computer), the website from which you are visiting us, the name of the requested file, as well as the description of the type of Internet browser used, and date and time of access.

The collected data is only used for statistical evaluations and for improving the website. The website operator reserves the right to retroactively review the server logfiles if there are specific indications of unlawful use.

Personal data will only be collected if you provide personal data to us as part of online inquiries for job applications, to make contact with us for job offers, and/or to request information. Only data that is necessary for the provision of the desired service is collected.

For job applications, the data that you specify in the process of applying for a job is collected. This data includes at least your name, the contact data you have provided, and the personal data that results from your application documents.

For online inquiries, temporary storage of the IP address is necessary to enable delivery of the response to the user's computer. To that end, the user's IP address must be stored for the duration of the session.

2. The purpose for which personal data is collected

Without your separate consent, we use the data that you provide exclusively to fulfill and transact the purpose for which you have provided the data to us.

The provision of personal data can be legally prescribed or it can arise through contractual provisions (e.g. information concerning the contracting party). Occasionally, to enter into a contract, it may be necessary that you make your personal data available to us; this data must subsequently be processed by us. Not providing the personal data would result in the inability to conclude the contract.

3. Legal basis for the processing of personal data

If your consent must be obtained for the processing of personal data, this occurs in accordance with EU-GDPR, Article 6(1)(a).

The processing of personal data that is necessary for fulfillment of a contract with you occurs in accordance with EU-GDPR, Article 6(1)(b). This also applies for processing procedures that are required for execution of pre-contractual measures.

If processing of personal data is required for fulfillment of a legal obligation to which our company is subject, this occurs in accordance with EU-GDPR, Article 6(1)(c).

If vital interests make processing of personal data necessary, this occurs in accordance with EU-GDPR, Article 6(1)(d).

If none of the legal bases cited above apply, then processing in accordance with EU-GDPR, Article 6(1)(f) can be required to protect the legitimate interest of our company or of a third-party, if the interests, fundamental rights and freedoms of the person concerned (data subject) do not outweigh the interest that was first cited. As a rule, we will assume a legitimate interest on our part if data subjects are already customers of our company or if the contact occurs with reference to information concerning our company and/or our products.

We process personal data concerning job applications and/or when contact is made concerning job offers in accordance with EU-GDPR, Article 88 in conjunction with BDSG § 26.

If the processing of personal data occurs on behalf of KAMAX, then this is done on the basis of contractual agreements in accordance with EU-GDPR, Article 28.

4. Storage of personal data

The personal data you provide will be used to fulfill and transact the purpose for which you have provided the data to us; it will be stored in IT systems at the KAMAX facilities. In addition storage can also occur if KAMAX is obligated to do so through European or national legislation.

5. Transfer of personal data

A transfer of the personal data that you have provided occurs to the company KAMAX, which requires the data to fulfill and transact the purpose of your request. If need be, it can be sent to other KAMAX companies as well. In each case, the sending occurs with due consideration of the requirements stipulated in EU-GDPR, Articles 44 – 49. 

Personal data is not sent to other parties unless 

  • you have agreed to it, or 
  • we are obligated to do so due to statutory regulations, or 
  • this is expressly permitted due to a statutory regulation, or 
  • we are obligated to do so through judicial proceedings that have been finally decided.

6. Deletion of personal data

Personal data will be deleted or restricted for processing as soon as the purpose of storage ceases to apply. 

When we have completed the processing of your inquiry, your data will be restricted for further processing and deleted after expiration of storage periods prescribed by statutory regulations, unless you have expressly consented to further use of your data or there is a need to continue storing your data to entering into a contract or fulfillment a contract.

7. Your rights

You have the right: 

  • in accordance with EU-GDPR, Article 15 to obtain information as well as confirmation from us at any time relative to the personal data stored and processed about your person and a copy of this information.
  • in accordance with EU-GDPR, Article 16, to demand the immediate correction of incorrect personal data concerning you or the immediate completion of incomplete personal data concerning you that is stored in our facilities; 
  • in accordance with EU-GDPR, Article 17, to demand the immediate deletion of personal data concerning you that is stored in our facilities, if one of the following reasons applies 
    • the personal data was collected or processed in some other manner for purposes for which it is no longer required. 
    • you revoke your consent, on which the processing was based, and there are no other legal grounds for the processing. 
    • the personal data has been processed unlawfully. 
    • in accordance with EU-GDPR, Article 21 you object to the processing and there are no overriding legitimate reasons for the processing 
    • The deletion cannot occur if the processing is required 
      • for exercising freedom of expression and information, 
      • for fulfillment of a legal obligation, 
      • for reasons of public interest, or 
      • for the assertion, exercise or defense of legal claims; 
  • in accordance with EU GDPR, Article 18, to restrict the processing of your personal data if one of the following prerequisites is present:
    • if you dispute the correctness of the data for a period of time that enables us to verify the correctness of the personal data. 
    • the processing is unlawful, you refuse deletion of the personal data, and instead demand a restriction on the use of the personal data. 
    • We no longer need the personal data for the purposes of processing, but you need it for assertion, exercise or defense of legal claims. 
    • You have filed an objection to the processing in accordance with EU-GDPR, Article 21 and it is not yet clear whether our legitimate reasons outweigh your legitimate reasons. 
  • in accordance with EU-GDPR, Article 20, to receive your personal data that you have provided to us in a structured, current, and machine-readable format, or to request transfer to another responsible party (data controller), insofar as this is technically feasible, and provided that the rights and freedoms of other persons are not affected by this measure. 
  • in accordance with EU-GDPR, Article 21, to object, at any time, to the processing of personal data concerning you, which is based on EU-GDPR, Article 6 (1)(e) or (1)(f). If there is an objection, we will no longer process personal data, unless we can prove compelling, protection-worthy reasons for processing that outweigh your interests, rights and freedoms, or if the processing is in the interest of assertion, exercise or defense of legal claims.
  • in accordance with EU-GDPR, Art. 7(3), to, at any time, revoke your consent provided to us. This results in our inability to continue processing data based on this consent in the future. 
  • in accordance with EU-GDPR, Article 77 to appeal to a supervisory authority. As a rule, you can contact the supervisory authority responsible for your usual place of residence or place of work, or the supervisory authority responsible for the registered office of our company. 

To exercise the your rights cited above, please contact the contact person cited under number 9. You are entitled to these rights free of charge within the scope of the legal regulations according to EU-GDPR, Article 12 and BDSG § 34.

8. Technical and organizational measures

In accordance with EU-GDPR, Article 32, we have taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your personal data to a reasonable extent and to protect it from loss, destruction, manipulation, and unauthorized access.

All of our employees that are involved in data processing are obligated to handle personal data confidentially.

9. Contact persons

The party responsible (data collector) for the processing of personal data concerning you is 

KAMAX Holding GmbH & Co. KG
Dr.-Rudolf-Kellermann-Str. 2
35315 Homberg (Ohm)

You can reach us via the contact form under the following link:

If you have any questions concerning data protection, collection, processing or use of your personal data, the exercise of rights or the revocation of consents granted, please contact us:

KAMAX Holding GmbH & Co. KG
Data Protection Officer
Dr.-Rudolf-Kellermann-Str. 2
35315 Homberg (Ohm)


Consent to the collection, processing and use of personal data

I consent that my personal data, which is collected through my entries in the contact form, and/or through the transmission of attached documents, may be processed and used for the purposes of

Collection, processing, and use of my personal data will occur through KAMAX Holding GmbH & Co. KG, Dr.-Rudolf-Kellermann-Str. 2, 35315 Homberg (Ohm), Germany or the KAMAX company that is responsible for the fulfillment and transaction of the purpose for which you have provided you data to us.

My consent is voluntary. I can revoke this consent at any time with effect for the future. To revoke granted consent, I can contact the: Data Protection Officer of KAMAX Holding GmbH & Co. KG, Dr.-Rudolf-Kellermann-Str. 2, 35315 Homberg (Ohm), Germany. Email: