Corporate Strategy

KAMAX has been one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-strength fasteners for the mobility industry for more than 85 years. We are a company founded by pioneers and continuously formed by its engineers into a reliable partner for customers from the automotive industry and beyond. Our focus for the future is more than ever on adding value to the mobility world.

Our current corporate strategy is designed to reflect the ongoing transformation in the mobility industry and consists of numerous strategic initiatives. The goal is to improve the position of the entire KAMAX Group even more and to establish our company at the absolute top of the global suppliers for the mobility industry in the long term. The core elements of our strategy are:

New Technology and Products

An even stronger focus on the development of new technologies and products, and the development of new markets. Building on our existing expertise, we aim to grow in particular in the field of sustainable mobility.

Efficiency and Growth

An increase in the efficiency of our European plants by restructuring our current production. This will allow us to exploit even greater synergy effects. In the Asia and Americas regions, we are continuing to do our best to fully exploit the great growth potential of our locations.

Digitization and Innovation

A digitization offensive that is intended to support all business areas of the group and at the same time serve as an accelerator for new innovations. To this purpose, KAMAX has already founded and empowered nexineer digital as an independent subsidiary.

Partnerships and Cooperations

An intensification of our partnerships with other companies. These include joint ventures and other forms of cooperation with companies that fit our strategic goals in the development of new technologies and products.

Successful cooperation with Robert Schröder

A successful cooperation with the Robert Schröder Group, which is part of our group of companies following an 85% majority shareholding. With this new partner, we are significantly expanding our product portfolio and can supply new areas within the mobility industry with high-quality products.