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Continued initiative on lightweight construction of commercial vehicles

The lightweight construction initiative, supported by KAMAX, commissioned two studies examining the potential of lightweight constructed commercial vehicles.

Continued initiative on lightweight construction of commercial vehicles

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Guided by the German Forging Association and the Steel Institute VDEh 26 companies are jointly doing research on how the potential of lightweight design of forged components in automotive engineering can be optimally utilized. Within this Lightweight Construction Initiative, comprising a consortium of forging and steel manufacturing companies, KAMAX is the only participating bolt manufacturer. The aim of the initiative is the development of material-, forming- and processing innovation that achieves weight reduction in automotive engineering. The entire process is in focus: from liquid steel to the final product.

Commissioned: two new studies on light commercial vehicles

After the successful completion of phase I in October 2014, which dealt with the construction of passenger cars, the consortium agreed on continuing with phase II: “Lightweight construction initiative – light commercial vehicle”. The initiative commissioned two new studies for the second phase, which examine the potential of a lightweight constructed commercial vehicle (Carrier).

42 kilograms weight saving and a significant reduction of CO2 emissions were the results of phase I. The continuation of this initiative will commence development projects for new processes with modern steels and will also emphasize advantages to competing manufacturing processes and materials. The initiative is financed by equity capital of the involved companies and organizations.

Further information on the “Initiative Massiver Leichtbau” can be found at: www.massiverleichtbau.de