Ideas successfully implemented

In the interest of our customers, we not only offer creative solutions for the imposed requirements, we also offer entirely new product variations. Always focusing on the applications of our customers.


Product portfolio

The right solution for every connection

We provide our customers with the right fastener or complex cold-formed part for every application: high-quality, assembly-friendly, and trend-setting.

Product portfolio

How deep is your knowledge?

Expert knowledge in the test

Most of our products are manufactured for the automotive industry. Test your knowledge and assign six different products to a car.

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Individual service – Maximum quality – Highest delivery flexibility

4fastening globally delivers KAMAX products and products from our partner network that complement our product portfolio: both as short production runs and spare part needs and for just-in-time/just-in-sequence large-scale production runs. Our wholly-owned subsidiary fulfills our customers' personal requirements and combines the highest-quality product range with outstanding service.



A strong strategic alliance with customer added-value

FACIL is our joint venture with ARaymond. As international experts for fastening and assembly solutions, the ARaymond network invents, develops, and produces clip systems, fluid connections, and adhesive systems. As one of the first providers on the market, FACIL has established a full-service concept: Connection technology for the passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle industry, combined with comprehensive service for the areas of production, quality, purchasing, and logistics. Already integrated in the vehicle's developmental phase, FACIL creates significant cost savings and considerable process improvements for its customers. FACIL fully equips nearly one million vehicles per year with connection technology. 


nexineer digital GmbH

Digital Solutions

Nexineer is the digital company of the KAMAX Group. The Nexineer team tests and develops ideas to optimize the daily business of all KAMAX employees with modern, digital solutions for production and business processes. As an independent business unit, Nexineer not only increases the development speed of KAMAX, but also offers digital products, services and business models for our end customers.

nexineer digital

Robert Schröder Group

Precision parts for mobility and beyond

Through an 85% majority shareholding, the four locations of the Robert Schröder Group are an integral part of KAMAX. The company is a manufacturer of precision parts as well as complex cold formed parts in and outside the automotive industry. This production focus extends the classic product portfolio of the KAMAX Group to other industries and product types - e.g. to the e-bike and industrial gearbox sectors. The close partnership enables both companies to cover customer requirements even better and offer a wider range of solutions and services for applications in a wide variety of industries.

Robert Schröder