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The future is important to us. Therefore, we support you during your studies, by offering you the opportunity to complete an internship, to work as a student or to write your thesis together with experienced specialists from KAMAX.

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Three people – different priorities

Individual personalities who are gaining valuable practical experience at KAMAX. Click the photo and learn more about their priorities and the offerings that KAMAX has in store for them.

Lukas V., Student

His Priorities

What we offer

For my thesis, I would like to work together with others on current innovations.

The subject of my thesis should be an excellent fit for me and my specialization.

For me, the possibility of being hired by the company afterward is important.

David K., Student

His Priorities

What we offer

While I am studying, I would like to earn money on a regular basis.

The work must not conflict with my lectures and seminars.

In terms of content, the activity should fit with my university studies and there should be opportunities for me to advance technically.

Sai Teja R. K., Intern

His priorities

What we offer

During my internship, I want to really be involved in the work, not just make copies or coffee.

My task should be demanding and it should be with a leading company.

I would also be happy to do an interesting internship away from my place of residence. In this case, I would need a place to live during the internship.

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I am amazed at how much I learn everyday.

Sai Teja Reddy K., Intern

What we offer

The people here are real pros!

David K., Working Student

What we offer

A screw is more demanding than you would think.

Lukas V., Student (Master Thesis)

What we offer