Internships, bachelor's and master's theses

We place particular value on integrating students into practical work and the enterprise structures early on. Consequently, through internships, work experience, or the development of bachelor's and master's theses, we offer university students the opportunity of gaining practical experience in the automotive supplier industry. As a student at KAMAX, you will receive extensive support and you will have the opportunity to actively participate in business and acquire valuable skills and knowledge for your professional future. Alexander Hochgesand, Development Engineer at KAMAX, is one of many students who we have hired directly after their bachelor's or master's thesis. His master's thesis examined the abrasive behaviour of screw coating systems, and he developed a new test method in this process. "I was quickly incorporated, was able to quickly establish close contacts with the team, and as a result, I was also able to quickly deliver results", explains Hochgesand. Even while preparing the thesis, it was clear that both sides could envision continued collaboration. "After my thesis, there was a perfect transition into the new job. I already knew many of my colleagues and the environment and was able to continue my work directly." We want to continue offering these opportunities to dedicated students in the future as well.