Customer satisfaction is our top priority and thus, the topic quality is also our top priority. Our goal: zero errors.

Our quality promise

We align all processes, structures, and activities at KAMAX to the keeping of this promise. To continuously improve our performance, we maintain close contact with our customers and suppliers, with legislators and public bodies, and with our employees; in short, with all participants who have a direct influence on our enterprise. 

Preventative and error-avoiding quality assurance is the guiding principle of our quality policy. Our quality policy concentrates on goal-oriented and method-based planning, development, manufacturing, delivery, and evaluation of all products, services, and associated processes. Our holistic quality system is coordinated by the central quality management organization, which develops, introduces, and monitors uniform regulations Group-wide. The quality departments in the individual KAMAX production plants carry out quality-relevant tasks and activities in production, logistics, and customer communication. 

The KAMAX quality management system

  • Customer orientation
    The consistent internal and external orientation toward the benefits for our customers is the basis of our business success. 
  • Employee inclusion
    We challenge and support employees through training and continuing education, involvement in decisions, and through motivational measures. Thus, we ensure that all employees assimilate our quality principles and think and act in accordance with these principles. 
  • Process orientation
    Through the precise description of our activities within the framework of processes, we achieve the best possible quality of all performances. Moreover, through this measure the contribution to our overall success is transparent for each individual.
  • Corrective measures and preventative measures
    By means of suitable corrective measures we achieve a clear reduction of error risks through systematic cause analysis in conjunction with prompt improvement of the quality capacity of our processes. The findings obtained are applied to comparable products and processes in the interest of prevention. 
  • Constant improvement
    Internally and externally we strive to achieve the "zero error" objective. The constant further development of our processes and products is one proof of this claim. 
  • Supplier development
    We promote and use the capabilities of our suppliers in a partnership approach, because improving their processes and products ultimately enhances the satisfaction of our mutual customers as well.