Sponsoring the "Formula Student"

As an automotive supplier, we naturally want to promote and recruit students who show particular dedication to the development of automobiles and their component parts even after their course of study. Consequently, KAMAX sponsors two "Formula Student" racing teams. Here, students are organized in more than 500 teams, each of which develops a prototype racecar and competes against the other teams. For several years now, KAMAX has been supporting a team from Germany and a team from the Czech Republic by supplying component parts and has been advising the students on the design of the racecar. Past results were always outstanding. In 2017, the young engineers and developers at the Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences in Giessen (Germany) won 5th place at the Formula Student race in the Czech Republic and 4th place in The Netherlands, and with their racecar achieved the best seasonal performance of all time. We are pleased to be part of such a successful team and will continue to support the students; starting this year, the racing team's helmet will bear the KAMAX logo. KAMAX is convinced that both teams can repeat their successes.