Groundbreaking in Mexico

KAMAX has recently taken its first step to building a new production site in Mexico. The groundbreaking ceremony took place in the industrial park Colinas de León, where the new plant will also be located.

It was joined by the mayor of León, Luis Ernesto Ayala Torres, the director of municipal economy, Ramón Alfaro Gómez, as well as Carlos Mena (CFO of KAMAX Museros, Spain), who serves as project leader for the Mexican build-up.

Ramón Gómez stated that the commitment of KAMAX means good news for the city as well as for the whole state of Guanajuato. Carlos Mena announced that the plan is to start operation already in the beginning of 2019, which will create midterm more than 200 job openings. The total investment of the plant in León is estimated at 45 million dollars.

Even though there is no national car manufacturer in Mexico, practically all American, European and Far Eastern brands are locally present. The vast majority of them are customers of the KAMAX group. The decision for the plant in León comes along with the vocation of serving the Mexican domestic market, but also collaborating with the plant in Lapeer to establish a production and logistics strategy, in order to serve the customers in North America with higher competitiveness.