Operational Excellence  

Excellent production by KAMAX worldwide

Customer satisfaction through global collaboration and continuous improvement

Operational excellence at KAMAX (or OPEX@KX for short) is our production management system. Not only does it describe excellent production by and for all KAMAX plants worldwide but also the path to continuous improvement. As a navigator and orientation guide, customer satisfaction, our own goals and the systematic improvement process are linked to each other by twelve principles for excellent production.

These twelve principles specify the direction but simultaneously provide room for plant and country-specific designs. Involving employees in shaping the processes is an essential part of OPEX@KX. As a result, every employee helps improve the system and actively helps shape the future at KAMAX.

Learning from each other and with each other

The OPEX scan is the link between the plants. Following the motto "today's benchmark is tomorrow's standard", all plants can learn from each other via the OPEX scan, since the status and the processes of other plants are transparently shown to everybody at all times. Special attention is given to actively exchanging knowledge among employees at the various locations to mutually learn from the strengths of others in this manner.

The twelve OPEX@KX principles  

  • Safety First 
    Avoid accidents 
  • S M A R T Targets 
    Set clear goals  
  • Information Flow 
    Engage in constant interaction
  • Go & see 
    Be personally available as a contact person  
  • Value/waste thinking 
    Recognize benefits and avoid redundancy  
  • Synchronized Flow Production 
    Avoid overproduction  
  • Best-in-Class Technology 
    Only use the best machines and tools  
  • Systematic problem solving 
    Analyze and derive measures  
  • Transparency & Trust 
    Treat each other openly and respectfully  
  • Qualification and Active Knowledge sharing 
    Learn with each other and from each other  
  • Support Personal Growth 
    Personally develop yourself  
  • Clear Roles and Responsibilities
    Create transparent structures